Our Fees

Parent Consultation 

$140.00 per hour

Parent Consultation - with existing report(s)
for your child

$320.00 total fee
For 2 hours including thoroughly reviewing all of your existing report(s) and a private consultation with the parents.

Child Evaluation and Parent Consultation (with existing reports)

$600.00 total fee
For 4 hours including a 1 hour evaluation of your child and thoroughly reviewing all of your existing report(s). After your child's evaluation a private 1 hour consultation is provided to the parents.

Complete Child Evaluation, with a Written Report
and a Parent Consultation to Review all of the Findings

$840.00 total fee
For a 2-3 hour private and complete clinical evaluation with your child. Following the evaluation a written narrative and detailed report is provided to the parents. A private parent consultation occurs after completion.

Pediatric Cranial Sacral Therapy

$70.00 per half-hour session

Occupational Therapy

$140.00 per hour

AIT: Auditory Integration Training

$1,200 + fee to audiologist for 2 audiograms. Additional CAPD testing (with audiologist) may be desired (for additional cost) but not required for doing AIT.
AIT is done for 10 days, 2x per day with 3hr break in between 30 minute listenings.

Samonas Sound Therapy

$140.00 per hour

Insurance Consultations

NO-FEE Assistance with diagnostic codes, insurance reimbursement and documentation is provided free of charge for current clients.

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